The 12 Dares of Christmas, coming soon for the holiday season! Paperback on sale November 22, 2016, and e-book will be available on December 6, 2016!

Lauren Hall has one wish for Christmas this year—raise money to build a new, no-kill animal shelter for the town of Sycamore Cove. And she is prepared to do anything to make it happen. Even dare a man she just met to perform a strip tease for the local knitting society.

Gabe Nicholson has one wish too – obtain the job of a lifetime to launch his career. Only his wishes get snowballed when his best friend’s little sister hands him a pair of stripper pants and a bottle of eggnog-flavored body oil.

It’s all sugar plums and mistletoe until a scandal caused by Lauren’s fundraiser threatens to ruin it all. With Gabe’s work opportunities disappearing before his eyes and Lauren’s fundraising efforts tanking, their game of dares stands to burn them both. Unless it ignites a spark of Christmas magic.

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Two Tickets to Paradise, available to read for free on Wattpad!

He keeps to himself and doesn’t date anyone from the office. She has free tickets to Hawaii and a plan. Sort of.

When heart-broken Beth wins two tickets to paradise, she doesn’t plan on using them to save her job as a photographer at a home and garden magazine. She doesn’t plan on making a deal with her aloof co-worker Russell to get him to go with her, either. And it might have been a mistake to make the deal when she was too drunk to remember the terms of their arrangement.

Yeah, half a dozen mojitos on top of a margarita might have been over doing it.

Now, not only does she have to spend her time in Hawaii taking fabulous pictures so she doesn’t get fired, she has to figure out what Russell has agreed to do for her (or to her!) in exchange for his free trip. But the hardest part of all will be keeping her hormones under control at repeated exposure to his mouth-watering masculinity.

The beaches have never been so hot…. Warning: 18 and over only. Turn up your fan and fix a cold drink!



Ferocious; a work in progress, available for free on Wattpad.

Five years ago, the brothers Sean and Levi disappeared from the woods without a trace. The police of Allsbury, Arkansas might have given up their search, but Brooklyn, one of the boys’ best friends, is still desperate for answers.

The morning before the boys were taken, Brooklyn began seeing things that others could not see – things that could not possibly exist. On every anniversary of the kidnapping since then she is haunted by frightening images and hallucinations that are getting worse each year and turning into warnings…

Brooklyn’s search for the truth of what happened to her friends leads her to the edges of her own sanity and into a fight for survival. Not knowing whom she can trust, she finds herself the hunted instead of the hunter. And she will learn that in this town, friendship is deadly.


Short stories and other tasty morsels

The Wrench Assistant – for your SteamPunk fix of the day. Come and read it on Wattpad!

Being a female wrench assistant in Graftin Port City was difficult enough before the police came knocking at the door. Now, Nabel will need all her wits and skills to keep herself in a job and her employer hidden and out of the local dungeon. When a mafia henchman crawls up through the drain, demanding his share, she has only one option – to start firing up her tools.


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