Seduction in a Suit – It’s Live

Seduction in a Suit is now live on Amazon! Twenty-one exclusive office romance stories only $0.99 for a limited time only, and remember, don’t read this at work.

Would you like an arc copy of my novella, Heating Up the Help Desk? I have a few more copies available for free in exchange for an honest review (that’s it!). Send me a reply message, and it will be yours…

Heating Up the Help Desk

If there is one thing tech genius Kenneth Jones knows, it’s how to make a computer yield to his desires—from turning it on, to making the keyboard hum beneath his touch. But when it comes to women? He’s going to need a savvy, sex advice coach to hack his love life.

Accountant Reese Wallace can calculate a return on investment faster than brewing coffee, but that’s just her day job. After hours, she moonlights as a relationship blogger, promoting love, sex and happiness. The moment geeky Kenneth strides into her life, she’s dying to get her hands on him. Strictly as her client, of course.

Brains might be sexy as hell, but Kenneth’s pocket protector and corduroy pants must come off. Once they do, though, Reese is in trouble. She’s about to discover that it’s not the amount of experience in bed that counts, but the size of the…heart that goes with it.

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